Stats and P/L issues lately

There is a problem lately with stats and Open P/L during the trading day? Seems very screwed up. Also, trades list won’t appear for the system I’m watching.

What specifically is the matter with the stats?

And what system are you watching? What trades won’t appear?

- The Great Carnak

Hello Oh Great One :slight_smile:

Try clicking on the LongLeapWeekly link in my post above. No system comes up, or if it does P/L is way off, and no trade list appears. Trying to refresh Open P/L doesn’t work, as if it timed out.

Now trades are there but Open P/L seems to be close to total P/L and refresh Open P/L "times out" (does nothing).

Now Open P/L for LongLeapWeekly is totally screwed up! Help! :slight_smile:

Now I’m just getting pissed. I paid good money to list a system here, and it works like CRAP! And I can’t get a reply from anyone here in a “support” role. What a bunch of crap!