Todays market stats not tallied

Anybody else notice that nothing updated today so far in stats for positions. ??

Same problem… Sure will be corrected soon.

Yep here also, just the way it is. Bew coupling of different platforms for a new type of site. I just closed out trades of +0.45% and am showing a loss of about the same. Also made a winning trade of 1 pip. Stats show it as a win, but dashboard shows it as a loss in red, even though entrance and exit prices show it as a gain. I’m sure at some point these issues will be ironed out.

Same here. My stats haven’t been updated since the 19th.

Strange because if I look at some of the other systems I see that their stats have been updated so it’s only effecting some of us.

Hope this can be fixed as Friday was a good day for me.

Any update regarding the issue above? I know they took C2 offline for maintenance earlier today. Did they fix the issue?

No, I’m afraid not. My stats, including chart, etc. looks like it froze as of around 09:41 hours Thursday.

Yes, if you look at your chart its only showing up until the 19th. I’m sure it will be corrected soon.

Any updates regarding this?

I’m having the same issue. I emailed the support team but no reply yet. Would be nice to have confirmation it is being worked on.

Okay, guys. Problem fixed. Starts are being recalculated now, but it may take up to day for all systems to get caught up. Hang in there as the statistics get regenerated.

Thanks Matthew! :smile:

Ditto. Thank you Matt.

Thanks Matt. I have some additional follow up questions on this issue, I will email the team.


Not sure if the team will respond this evening, so I wanted to send along to you to hopefully resolve before more trade data comes in tomorrow. I only trade the S&P 500. The recalculation made this afternoon only credited my system for +0.30% on Friday. S&P was up 0.90% on Friday and I have a full position on, so my system should also have been +0.90% on Friday (if not more). I know trade data was a little wonky on Fri because of the ex-dividend date. Is this issue related to the dividend?

So I’m still confused on this and would appreciate your help.

Thank you.