Minimum trade size option?


I know there is a “maximum trade size” option when setting up autotrading for any trading system, which is a very good idea. This allows traders to put a limit on the individual trade size when trading a system that may occasionally enter individual trades with a much larger chunk of account capital relative to its usual trades.

However, I would like to use a “minimum trade size”, but I cannot see an option for this. In my case, it involves trading forex at Interactive Brokers, where I would like to trade a forex system with 1:1 leverage. However, I cannot do this, since many forex systems will place trades for 0.1 standard lots (which is 1 minilot or 1 Collective2 forex unit size), which is beneath the minimum size of 0.25 standard lots at Interactive Brokers. Currently, my solution is to trade with 3x the leverage of the C2 system, so that each 0.1-lot trade is replicated in my account by a 0.3-lot trade. This also means that 0.2-lot trades are replicated in my account by 0.6-lot trades, etc., and in some cases the risk seems a little high for me. I realize I could use a maximum trade size to put an upper limit on this, but I would prefer to allow the developer’s relative position sizing to be maintained on the higher end while simply forcing the smaller trades to use at least 0.25 lots.

Is there a way to implement a minimum trade size? That way I could trade the system with slightly higher leverage on the smaller trades while keeping the default leverage on the larger trades.