Still waiting... And waiting

How long must one wait for broker approval on auto trade?
I have had a near nightmare trying to get set up for an autotrade on my paid subscription.
Now that it seems to have happened I’m now WAITING on some computer somewhere to approve.
Is this kinda thing normal?

Usually takes couple of days.
How long have you been waiting?

Hang in there buddy. I think mine took over a week before all the I’s were dotted & T’s were crossed. The C2 help desk ( Melissa ) was very helpful. 1 thing I messed up on was not putting the “U” in front of my account # when I tried to set up autotrade for a particular system.
The GOOD news is, you’re probably $ ahead! This week has been bad for most strategies so far.

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Hi David,

Broker approval is not immediate. Some brokers enable accounts the same day and others take an additional day or two. The broker needs to make sure that your account has the appropriate permissions to accept the trade signals we send.

Your broker approved your account same day (yesterday) with the effective date being the next day (today).