"Waiting for broker approval." status

When i went through “Trade it”…i have this “Waiting for broker approval.” status.
Question: How long does it takes to be approved?
Question: Does one always have to wait for approval when subscribing to a system? Could it not be immediate?


It depends on the broker but in general they need to review your account for risk factors, then they need to have you sign whatever form they need, then they need to link the account so we can see it. This can take a few days but rest assured that while it is invisible to you, we follow your account through the process until it is complete.

My experience with MBT, after a wait of several days when I first started auto trading, has been that I could trade all subsequent systems immediately after subscribing.

Yes - allow me to chime in:

Once your account has been set up for AutoTrading the very first time (and approved by the broker, which is logistical formality) then you can add new strategies instantly, without any delay.