STOP and LIMIT orders

Are there issues going on with STOP an LIMIT orders? seems like they are not getting triggered.

Without knowing the specifics, it’s hard for me to answer. Before going further, let me point out that yesterday (Monday Feb 15) was a USA holiday, so USA markets were closed. If this does not address your question, send an email to with the specific stops/limits you feel ought to have filled but did not. Include your system id and any other information that can help us identify your signals.

already did that an didnt get a response hence why i am posting it on the forum

Makes two of us. I went to the help email first prior to posting this question (which remains unanswered to this day…)

Hi guys - Actually both of you were using “relative orders” (i.e. orders in the form T + .1 or whatever, in which you tell C2 to set you stop or limit relative to the trade price T.) There was in fact a problem with how relative orders were handled, which could have led to slow or nonexistent fills in cases where there are no live autotraders.

This problem is now fixed. If you have any other issues related to relative orders, let me know. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

Thanks matthew appreciate you fixing this, I will monitor today an let you know if I run into any problems.

Matthew - The problem seems to be resolved however if you have a relative stop order but the limit order to sell has already been triggered, the stop order doesnt automatically get cancelled. I have to manually go in an cancel each time. Can you fix? thanks