Stop and reverse

I am new to the system, may I ask is it need to stop your old order before you can enter a new one?

I tried like this:

I have an old order of 10 minilot USD/JPY

I try to stop and reverse, and it does not work, until I close my old order and open a new order

Thank you

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do. Perhaps you can give a few more details.

Please explain:

(1) The exact details of the order currently entered.

(2) The status of this initial order (i.e. Has it been filled yet?)

(3) The new order you want to enter next.

(4) The problem with the new order (i.e. What kind of error message did you receive from C2 that prompted your post on this Forum?)

With this additional information, I will try to answer your question.


I want to do something similar. I want to be able to stop and reverse. Say I’m long 10 ES. I want to be able to sell 20 ES. Can I do that in one order? Or do I need to close my 10 long and then short 10?


In many of the models, they use stop and reverse to open a new order, that is one of the problem I encounter in C2, I cannot remember what is exactly the error message, instead I put it in a example:

I have sell, say, 10 minilot at yesterday

Now, I have a buy signal of Buy

In actual trade, we just made an order of Buy 20 minilots of Eur,

but when I did the same on the C2, it said it is wrong. All I can do is first Buy to stop 10 minilots, then Buy to Open 10 minilots…


I will answer you question in two ways.

First, it is possible to enter stop-and-reverse orders. You simply need to enter them as “To Open” orders. Here is an example.

You buy 50 EUR/USD by issuing BTO 50 EUR/USD.

(Now you are long 50.)

Now, you want to go short.

Enter: STO (Sell To Open) 100 EUR/USD.

The software will apply the first 50 of your trade to close the existing position, then will use the remainder to open a new position.

So… it is possible to do this.

However, I encourage people to use seperate orders to “Sell to Close” and then “Sell to Open” because this will guarantee that anyone autotrading your system will stay in “sync” with the system. I know this takes a bit more time for order entry, but it is the safest way to insure that your customers (that is, subscribers to your system) can follow your advice.

If you are worried that order entry will take too long, I suggest you look into using the “Park Order” feature, which allows you to create orders and then keep them “in reserve” until you are ready to release them into the market.

Finally, I will consider adding a new order type to C2 (stop and reverse) which will allow easier order entry. But until that feature is implemented, you’ll need to use one of the methods I describe here.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand now what you mean.



Thank you, in many of the NN trading model, you never know when is the stop level.