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TOS, six months of C2 data, more info at:

I did stop actively manage strategy on 08/22/2018

Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results

That’s very true however, many new developers in here only use simulation money to send signals and over leverage. This guy is showing his real trading accounts, that’s a big different. The downside, he is charging $1,000 per month.

C2 TOS for Compound show losses for March and June 2018. Your records show gains every month. ???

Realized P&L.png is on closed positions without dividends (export C2 trades to Excel and calculate P/L using formula). C2 record and my brokerage record Report.pdf is on open and closed positions plus dividends.

I’m shutting down Compound on the end of the month (I did cancel my C2 subscription). I’m not getting a service for all money I spent here in past 10 years. If someone needs more information how to track Compound performance, please contact me at

I guess whining in the forums didn’t work for you. You are nothing but a bitter developer same goes with dogzebra, thats exactly what happened to him.

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Well, below example of my whining and C2 quality. Today I did buy 600 OGZPY. What C2 did? Picture below:

And purchases still going every 2 minutes. Now, if the strategy has subscribers? I’m disconnecting broker transmit just for my safety.


Good job Matthew, you are better every day. And you do not understand word QUALITY if your the only response is “stop annoying bullshit” as CEO of a great company.

I shutdown Compound as we speak, good luck to everyone.

I’m not at all bitter my friend. Just calling out charlatans & fakes on here. :hugs:

Sorry to see you go MarekJ.

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For the good of the community can you tell us how you entered the order? Was it the new web trader, old web trader, API, BrokerTransmit? The method and any details on exactly how you entered the order would be good to know.

Broker transmit. I did place the order in my IB account for 600 shares of OGZPY at limit ask price 4.23. Order was executed correctly in my IB account.

Hi, Marek, let me take a look at what happened here. This seems to be an issue with Pink Sheet and over the counter micro-caps. Looking now.

In past, I did buy OGZPY and everything was ok. Just today race condition.

OGZPY is not micro cap. 50B in market value.

Probably you did executed on the wrong symbol OZPKY.PK instead of OGZPY and you could not sync position with my IB account, so you were doing it over and over until I did cut broker transmit (just my 2 cents without knowing your software and with experience with much bigger scale stuff than yours).

Matthew, also correct Compound positions (remove OGZPY.PK position with 60k loss today and add 600 shares to OGZPY position). As you know, 2+2=4 for me, not 4.2 or something close.

Sure think, Marek. Give me a few mins.

Well, I see a changed attitude finally. There is the deal if you are serious. Fix other 2 simple issues over the weekend (dividend and TOS signals following) and I will stay with Compound. Or if I’m too much and you don’t care about each customer/developer, do not fix it and I’m gone.

What is an answer?