Can you promote your strategy in C2 forum?

Got a new strategy up and running. Wondering if it is proper to promote it in this forum? I see a few folks talking about their systems. So, I’m guessing it is ok. Just don’t want to rock the boat.

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Try to gain a track record of approximately 3 months. It gives people a bit more trust in your system. In the meantime, people will find you if you stay active and make a profit against a good DD. Don’t worry too much, most people that got on here and marketed their system got bust in half a year. Take your time :slight_smile:

Hope to have informed you well


You can do whatever you want. The forum will put a magnifying glass on you though.
Be prepared for questions about your prior systems that failed.

I still don’t understand why if people have ‘great strategies’ they feel the need to advertise them on the forums. If they are truly good, the money will find them.

Thanks DogZebra. My bad when I went ahead and set up FuturesSync. I did not realize the required time to manage it properly and I missed many trade signals. So I just stopped it. I am using the same strategy as FuturesSync, just in fewer markets via the 4 etfs. Live and learn I guess.

Thanks for the insight.