Strategies not available for viewing

That’s a moot point now . By all means dont subscribe to a trade leader who has another failed systems , easy .

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And what makes you think that a “change in trading style” is not going to produce even more disastrous results in the near future?

The opposite is also true: an unsuccessful trader with a lot of private systems can eventually produce fantastic C2 systems with very small drawdowns.

In any case, C2 members can always contact the Trade Leader (TL) and request the trade-by-trade results of a private system (in CSV format), even though the TL is under no obligation to email it to the user.

Let me chime in here being that I originally posted the question. Maybe Im not so computer savvy, so that is why this is an issue, or maybe many of us are not that savvy as well. Example, I can see a person has created 17 strategies and only 4 are available for viewing.
Now it can be be that many people in the beginning have a learning curve and mess up, but many other people run a strategy and swing for the fences all the time which usually go bust. I dont know why I cant see how people perform over long periods of time. Notice how many defenders of the system most likely want bust over time. There was even one manager of a Forex system claiming he never blew up but neglected to hide one of his strategies. So if I can please know in a clear fashion how does one see systems that were previously created before he made it private

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Thanks for being able to see performance if one knows the name of the strategy (great tip) but if u click on a managers name and don’t know the names of all his strategies it will show u the active ones and not show inactive ones, just that he created other ones, but no name attached to those strategies to be able to figure out what performance was? Could be I’m missing something

Daniel, you need to click on the “Strategy Activity Details” button to see all the strategies (private or not) that a specific Trade Leader created.

And then you will be able to see the equity curve of the private system(s) you are looking for, just use the little trick described above.

Thank for you assistance

You are quite welcome.

And then use the system number [in the URL] to download the trades list into CSV format if you would like to see the trading record as well:

collective2. com/strategy/csv/[insert system number here]

for example ZZZ AGRI YM is


So basically private systems are no longer private :smile:

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Yes, Collective2 was always about transparency. It’s just a bit convoluted. Much like a lot of other things going on around the world these days. :laughing:


Wow, Chris thank you for posting this tip! Super useful and allows us to then plug the CSV data into our own custom analytics! It would be great if it were more obvious or at least in the FAQ’s. Regardless, it’s at least one form of data that I have wished for (for private/hidden systems) but didn’t know about until now.

Thanks again!

Also systems data (private systems as well) is available using C2 API. Though I didn’t use it for a while, maybe something changed already.

You’re welcome. I didn’t know that it would work for hidden systems but I gave it a try when this thread came up and found that it does work.

Once upon a time I was using the C2 API and was able to get additional “hidden” information that wasn’t directly shown on each system’s web page.

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Great , problem solved then …

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