Strategy created, seetu written

how do I get it up and running?

Almost done.

Give me a day or two…

awesome! also scan and signals tabs have different amounts of signals, why is that?

Scan shows all signals without any filtering. That is all bars where Buy or Sell or Short or Cover is TRUE.

Exploration is driven by the Filter variable. It shows those bars where Filter is TRUE.

If you want to see all signals in Exploration, set the Filter variable like this:

Filter = Buy OR Sell OR Short OR Cover;

But if you have many columns in the Exploration (i.e. many AppendColumn commands) then a data delivered to your browser can be huge. So be careful.

Signals are driven by Buy, Sell, Short and Cover too. But it shows - by default - just signals generated for the latest bar in the database. If you want to see more, use the SigFilter parameter.
For example: C2TradingSignal(sigBTO, sigfilter = Buy); will show all BTO signals.

See also this example:

Well, it took much more time than I promised. But it is out finally.

See this: