Subscriber reviews and view stats

Are there plans to place the information on ‘subscriber reviews’, ‘most recently viewed’, and ‘best performer’ on the day to non-members (i.e. potential subscribers)? I only see this information when I log into my account - not when visitors visit my system front page.

Are you sure it’s not visible to you? It is visible to me.

Because of your message, I’m concerned that I am somehow (idiotically) looking at the staging server, assuming everyone can see stuff that I can’t.

Can you make sure your Internet Files Cache is empty and then double check?


I see these things from a non-logged in browser but they are on the C2 home page, not on a specific system page (but that is true regardless of whether I am logged in or not)

I don’t see the information if I was a site visitor (i.e. non-subscriber) when I follow the link;

Maybe it is to do with the link???