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Subscribers joining/leaving at worst possible times

Hi all, lately market’s been up and down, but as a trade leader, I wanted to make an observation. A lot of times, I would gain a large number of subscribers, right at the “peak” of my strategy’s equity curve. Right after they joined, my equity curve took a dive.

On the flip side, after a few days or longer of downtrend in my equity curve, a lot of subscribers seem to leave near or right at the bottom, then my strategy goes up.

This observation that I’ve noticed is at very extreme at peaks, when my equity curve has made a lot. Subscribers don’t seem to join until it’s at the peak, then a ton join. Then it drops right away, and I get a few (sometimes complaining) messages about joining and then the strategy tanking. Most are fine with this though as the people here tend to be more knowledgeable and are prepared for volatility though.

It may actually be a indicator, when a massive amounts of subscribers join in a day. hahaha, joking…


I’ve noticed the exact same thing with my strategy as well. I’ll pick up a few subscribers after a great week or two where my strategy climbs into the top 10. Then, once the next drawdown happens I lose a few. I guess it’s the same with the stock market, a lot of people tend to buy high and then sell low.

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“The trend is your friend” have nothing to do with your subscribers :laughing:

I don’t know how to tell how many subs you have but it looks like you may have over 100 is that correct, if so that’s fantastic. I think I had something like 80 at my peak so you’re doing great. One phenomenon I’ve noticed was when ever I sent out a broadcast no matter how good of a day I had one or two subscribers would quit it was pretty comical, now I just don’t send out broadcasts anymore, it’s like I was reminding them that they were paying for something. Right now I’m thinking of the future though this could be a pretty dicey time considering how crazy the market is.

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I’ve noticed the same thing. I think it would be nice to make an affordable way for subs to subscribe to a basket of strategies to hopefully get them to feel more diversified and willing to remain consistent. However, to the credit of those that leave, many times it is the right thing. Many strategies eventually fail. So far you have been one of the exceptions. Keep it up!

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The subscriber join at a very high level when there are several open positions with very large floating profits, and then when the market conflict decreases the profit (from the high) or closed positions at BE. Model account is not lost but real subscriber.

Think, C2 should not allow the subscriber to join until all open positions are closed.

Yeah some of the ideas here are good. The bad thing is ways to reduce volatility usually reduces profit. The basket of strategies is kind of like the new C2 feature, smartportfolios.

Oh I haven’t heard about it or noticed it. I’ll definitely check it out.

Nothing unique here.

This is retail investor philosophy. Just like with stocks. Jumping into momentum and leaving at the first sign of resistance. The main reason why so many day traders lose money.
Buy high/sell low. :clown_face:


Potential subscribers can still see the actual equity curve of any c2 system, even if one or more positions are still open.

I’ve never been a trade leader, only an investor, so I can only comment from that side. I have joined and left dozens of strategies on C2. I am definitely guilty of jumping in on what often turns out to be a high, it’s hard not to, especially since I’ve done a lot of momentum trading and that’s how it tends to work, jump on something moving up, when it drops dump it and move on. Plus, it’s human nature, FOMO.

I always manually trade so it’s easier for me to paper trade and wait and watch a bit before I take any actual trades with a strategy. I have joined and then left systems without taking a single trade. And yes, it’s often when those strategies were at what later turns out to be a high.

What usually makes me leave is that as soon as the trader hits a rough patch, they change their style of trading. Often communication drops off completely so you have no idea why they are doing what they are doing, it becomes obvious they are floundering. I have stopped taking trades so why continue to pay for a system?

Almost all the systems I have left did not recover and eventually disappeared from C2. Many I made decent money following, if I hadn’t left but stayed with them until they shut down, I would have lost all my profits and more.


You’ve got Fomo, and you’ve got the fact that the site kept raising prices, which caused leaders to charge more, it’s tough for subs to pay some guys 2400 a year when average investment is something like 26k.

Sure, but they don’t know when the open trade close to join.

Which criteria do you subscribe to for the strategy?

Let’s say you subscribe to a system today at noon. Any open trade before that date should not concern you, only new positions initiated after noon will be added to your trading/simulation account (if this is what you are worrying about).

Subscriber chooses if he wants to join already open positions or wait for next entries.


Yes, you are right. But it should be calculated with maximum drawdown from peak balance, not peak equity.

What I meant is that a new subscriber is not automatically and immediately assigned an open position already in progress.

Good point, and this is true with all mutual or hedge funds in general, investors will always flock to the “hottest” money manager du jour, and bail out massively during the inevitable drawdown.

Like VG2 said in this thread from a investor/subscriber point of view, many systems brake down after a while so you still must have your own limit for what you are willing to loose, or if the trade leader really believe in a recovery based on live experience outside C2 and in backtests and commuinicates this etc perhaps you could stretch a little more. I noticed this in my system ES-US that some followers joined at the equity peak and half of them stopped after the Drawdown of the choppy weeks before the elections. For example i am really confident of a strong recovery soon based on my experience for years but i understand the subscribers also when they only have a few months of history in C2. So i hope this changes when we have a couple of years confirmed third party results from C2 :wink:

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