Subscribers that play the unsubscribe game

I welcome any thoughts from system developers, administrators on this message I sent to my subscribers.

On Dec.31, I sent a message to all subscribers that it was necessary to get the monthly subscription in line with performance, so the rate was increased to $200, only if profitable. I rewarded current subscribers for taking a chance with a trade system, which only had a short result history, and locked their rate in at $25 a month, for 6 periods. However, If you unsubscribe during this 6 month period, the C2 system automatically places you on the new rate of $200, only if profitable. I’ve noticed that there are some subscribers that play the unsubscribe game, which is to unsubscribe when payment is due, to avoid payment and then re-subscribe for another 30 days free. As a businessman first, and a gambler second, this is unacceptable. It’s not fair to the other paying subscribers,, and the system developer. We all lose. It takes a lot of time to create an outstanding trade system, answer questions, and get you up to speed with the signals, so you can achieve maximum returns. I’m devoted to developing a network of professional gamblers, not people that want to find ways to cheat the system. Therefore, going forward when you unsubscribe, which is always your option to do, and turn around and re-subscribe then you will be placed on a subscription plan of $50 a week, only if profitable; and if you continue to play the unsubscribe game then I will have to unsubscribe you from Blackhorseshoe trade systems. I’m sorry for such harsh actions, but there is no free lunch. I only want sincere members that want to learn and make money. I welcome any comments and suggestions from administrators, subscribers, members, and developers.

In general a behind-the-scenes algorithm prevents people from receiving new free trial periods for the same system after they have unsubscribed from one free trial for that system. So if you have seen an incident of this happening, email me privately the specifics, including which system and which subscriber.