WSS Gold, out of market for 1 week

Hi Mathew, sorry im not agree 100% with you. Why?
- If you dont like a strategy, right you paused it and stop paying.
- If a system dont make trades and you dont like that, right you can paused and stop paying.
All this causes are because me the customer don’t like the system or the way to trade the system, until here i 100% agree with you and for me is 100% fair.

But if you subscribe to system that in the description say ALWAYS in MARKET, and the system stay 1 week out of market without a reason and the owner of the system dont reply the messages when i see that is connecting each day, i think here we have a deceit, because i pay for something that im not recieving. And is 400$ the suscription of that system, i dont like to pay for nothing… and i have 2 weeks more payed, i ve payed it for nothing? I’m going to receive something of what i payed?

C2 is recieving part of that suscription fee and C2 is the website where im paying, i think C2 would have to control these things, that for sure these things happen only 0,01% of the times.

The same as if i paid in one system and the next day the system is closed forever, and you lost all the money that have been payed? i don’t think that is fair, C2 would have to control this things, because you are paying and not receiving the service that you contract, in my country that is cheat to the costumer.

I love C2 and as you can see I’m a user that I’m paying several suscriptions and this is a constructive complaint.

The next one is only a suggestion of how you can solve these situations, you can hold the money of the subscription until the “contract” is done, if subscription is for 1 month, when the month is done you release the money to the owner of the system, with this you can avoid situations like this, where the owner of the system is not accomplishing the “contract”, and with that you can make C2 a place more safety and fair.

The sad part is the system missed a huge winner since it would have been short.