Suggestion for a new System Simulation report

Hi Matt,

I know with the new-ish charting system you had to do away with the ability to run the chart using your own equity figure. When it comes to scaling, downloading trades to CSV and manipulating from there is time consuming.

When you sign up for autotrade, C2 does a handy simulation of the last several trades based on a subscriber’s own scaling percentage and max positions. The problem is, users don’t get to see that unless they sign up for a system, and not every system allows free trials.

Would it be possible to use that same code and allow access to it through the front end of a system via some sort of “simulation” link, except maybe extending the timeframe of it to cover something longer, like the last 30 or 60 days?

I think that sort of tool would be incredibly useful for subs to get a real sense of what their own money would look like, especially on commodities systems where scaling is tricky or sometimes not even realistically feasible. It would be a nice compromise since customizing the charts is no longer possible.

Just a suggestion; apologies if it’s been suggested before!


Hi, Christina:

That’s a great idea.

We’ve been moving toward integrating just such a tool into the general web site. We actually have a much slicker version of the software running on the non-USA web site right now. (It’s still stuck in the AutoTrade setup wizard there, too.) The plan was to migrate it back into the USA site after a month or two of real-world use. We’re just about there, so as soon as I can carve out some time, I’ll try to expose the tool in the USA web site, in just the way you propose.

I’ll keep you posted.


Cool! Thanks!