Suggestion: subscription payments report

For tax purposes it would be useful to get a total $ paid for subscription fees last year.

- Panu

You should have gotten a 1099, which is what C2 reports to the IRS.

As a subscriber I don’t think I get any tax forms from C2.

We are not allowed to pay any C2 vendors the subscription fees we collect until they fill out the online W9 form (or acknowledge they are not "U.S. persons"). If you have ever been paid by C2, then you either filled out the W9 or stated you were not a U.S. person.

If you are a U.S. person, make sure your "Taxpayer Information" is up-to-date. You can see and change it by going to EDIT MY ACCOUNT and then clicking the "EDIT TAXPAYER INFO" link.

We are required to submit 1099s to the IRS each year to let them know how much we pay all U.S. persons. This does not apply to non-U.S. persons, of course.

Sorry I misunderstood. As Matthew says below, vendors get the tax info.


I think Panuu means, what HE PAID as a subscriber, so he can deduct it from his taxes (trading costs).