Subscription Summary Report

Dear Matthew,

is it possible to get a subscription summary report?

While, we get individual subscription fee emails, it would be great, if there would be a functionality to generate a summary of all subscriptions that C2 received. This would be very helpful for filing the tax report.

It would be sufficient, if it would be a list that says subscription fee report. And it liststhe subscription fees for a calendar year (of for any date range)

(When charged, What system charged, Amount of money charged)

Is something like to possible in the near future (it does not seem to

exist). Of course, it would be ideal, if there would also be a PDF-download.



This is being requested every year about this time and it would be very useful for me too.


How is this helpful for your income taxes?

Isn’t the 1099 all that you need?

Also, isn’t it possible for Paypal to show you the list of all payments made to you simply by your selecting the date range required in your paypal account?

I’m just asking…

I’m talking about the fees I paid.

Opps. My Apologies.

I did not notice that you were not a vendor.



(I am also subscriber, not vendor, just for clarfication.)

while I do not know the 1099 form, this is an American tax form and thus of course not accepted in Europe :slight_smile:

But, probably it contains a listing - and that is what I need to claim expenses for money earned… (well so far, since I am at C2, not really earned, but this is a different story…)

At this point my only proof of spend money is

a) a large bunch of emails (neither well to handle, nor well acceptable by tax office, as it is looking rather informal)

b) my credit card statements, but this would basically mean, I have to attach all my credit card statements to the tax filling… - while basically possible, this is not an idea, I like very much.

As I have to prove in addition what does the C2 withdrawel mean, I again have at least to attach all the emails (receipts)

All this is very clumsy and does not look very solid to the tax office…

A simple statement saying yearly receipt for fees paid for trading system information (or similar) would be very helpful.

(not according to a country-specific taxation approach).