Support of MBTrading forex with the TOS program?

I’m thinking of starting a forex system on C2 and try get into the TOS program. I am currently with MBTrading and I like them, but it seems they are not supported for TOS on forex systems. just for stocks.

Any chance MBTrading forex may be added for the TOS program?

MBT is already added. You can autotrade a forex system in your MBTrading account.

Well, in this page

MBTrading does not show in the ‘brokers you can use’ for forex TOS system. MBTrading forex is supported for autotrading but not for TOS certification.

I sent a PM to Matthew about that but I could not get a response.

In this case MBT is supported for autotrading but not TOS. I wonder why.

It’s because each broker has a different way of performing back-office functions. Some brokers are able to waive transaction fees on a per-transaction basis; others are not.

Ok I understand that.

I want to ask that how much do the system developers earn from autotraded subscribers? If a subscriber executes 1 mini lot in his account, what does the system owner earns?

Gary -

System developers are not compensated for AutoTrading. This requires registration with the CFTC, and NFA membership, and it’s not a business model that C2 supports. System developers are instead compensated on a per-subscription basis. You set your own per-month (or per-whatever) subscription price for your system, and you are compensated regardless of whether a subscriber executes trades.

I think you should find a solution to that because paying for only subscription fees prevent collective2 attracting more system developers.