System constraints turned off, still working

I turned off system constraints on [LINKSYSTEM_63143778] a while ago, but it is still setting automated stop-loss orders. Could you check in to this please?

I do not see any such orders. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place? Please tell me the signal ID you think was auto-generated.

72530630 and 72323205 are both STC stop orders which I did not enter. They are both signals on currently open positions.

Aaron: Those signals were not auto-generated, but rather were created by you manually through the use of stop loss /profit target in the manual order entry screen.

I’ve never used the manual order entry for anything other than a market sell order. I went and looked at my API entry logic and it does appear that I am sending through stoploss=#.## in that call when I didn’t think I was… so I am guessing that is how those signals got created, and not manually.