Trade correction

I have sent two requests for information regarding the following particular trade and waiting to have a better understanding.

The Hard Line, ETF tracker: Signal #61177827

I do not believe that I made this trade. (like you have never heard that before…) But as you will see I made this trade in OCT 10 via the web. Since that time I know make all my trades via API and use the C2DS system. I have never been able to sync or resync this trade. I didn’t worry to much because it is part of my “extend and pretend” strategy. When I inadvertently send a send a signal it always comes back an error. So I have find it difficult made the trade.

In the event I did make the trade thru my algo/machine, then I a need to understand or a possible an explaination about this particular trade, because as of right now it is unexplained in my mind and could possibly happen again to my system and I would not know it is happening.



Server logs reveal you indeed sent this signal via the API. Not much more I can say other than that.

was it a market order? what was the stop and limit price?

You sent the order as a market order:

STC 500 TWM (stock) @ MKT Thu May 12 09:31:46 2011 ET