Will Stop Order Not Fill

I placed a buy order with a stop attached. Then I later exited that position without the stop being used. I now have 0 shares of that instrument and there is still a Sell to Close Stop order floating there even though I don’t have any shares in that position. I typically send orders through the API. Do I need to set it up to cancel that order or will the system recognize that there are no shares to stop out of and cancel later automatically?

Please tell me specifically what strategy and symbol you are talking about. (and relevant signalid if you have it handy)

The strategy ID is 113220646 and 115888224. Below are two screen shot from 113220646 showing that there is no position in SVXY or ZIV but the stops are remaining. I made the same trade in a strategy that has no autotrading linked to it and the stops automatically went away.

I noticed the orders did eventually go away on their own. So, does it just take some time for the system to recognize it. Obviously I can log in and cancel them myself it just seems to me that a STC stop should automatically go away when I no longer own the instrument. Surely there is no way that a STC stop would then be considered a STO order right?