Google ad co-op program


I would like to advertise our newest production system and as a result bring in some new visitors to the C2 web site.

Is there some type of time frame limitation from a system inception date which disallows a system to be advertised through the C2 co-op google program until after a certain time frame is reached?

If so, the C2 web site does not mention it anywhere that I can find.

Thank you,

Aspire Trader


As usual, this is part of my “Make it hard for people to find useful features” UI design philosophy.

You should be able to set up the Google advertising for your trading system (and have C2 pay half the advertising costs) by clicking MY C2 ADS (left-side menu) and then the GOOGLE tab at the top of the screen. You will see a link for CREATE NEW AD.

If you don’t see this, let me know.

Yes, I am with you there Matthew, but when I get to the point in the process to select the system to advertise, Trending ES is not listed from the drop down of available choices.

The ones listed are: Directional Options (killed) and Trending Futures (active) are listed however, but not Trending ES which is the one that I wish to promote.


I completely forgot about this, but upon checking the code, I see that trading systems must be at least 35 days old to participate in the Google co-marketing program here on Collective. The thinking behind this is that, for systems younger than 35 days, statistical claims will be highly variable and potentially misleading.