This is frustrating

Could someone please explain to me exactly what HTML tags are and are not allowed in one’s system description? It says very plainly on the edit page that the BREAK tag [br] is allowed. So, I put them in… and now my System Description is filled with break tags the entire way down. (and yes, I did use the correct shape “<” on my page).

I have had an unbelievable amount of trouble getting over the past six months getting it to appear correctly on the page. I want it to have properly spaced paragraph breaks. I’ve seen it on other people’s pages. Help!


I think you did it right. C2 might be having issues displaying the text correctly. Here is a website you can preview you text.



Oddly enough… I used that exact site when making my descriptions.

Could someone at C2 please fix this?


I’m on it. Please hang in there.


Wow! So quick!

Thanks Alen! Thanks C2!