System namechange/alteration

I would like to announce that as of today I have renamed my system Storsi because I am altering its trading strategy. The new name is The Dow Seer Company. It still will be trading Dow futures exclusively, but in a more relaxed manner.

One reason why even good traders have very few subscribers is that the systems are not tailored for the needs of the subscribers.

I think for successful owner/subscriber relationships a system needs the followings:

1. A trading vehicle that is very liquid. (for DSC it is YMs)

2. Trading style is easy to follow. It means longer trading times, so subscribers even with no access to the markets during the day can

make trades.

3. Autotrade aviability. Although I plan to trade this system in a way so a few hours difference shoulnd’t be a problem.

Well, I hope I can keep my promise of 200 Dow point gains a month and we can make some money together. Wish you and me good luck!

I trade, therefore I am…