Stock Systems


Your new look looks great, but was wondering if you could make a seperate "gainers" list just for stocks. We (stock system vendors) can not compete against the explosive and most often volitile forex and futures systems. It would be nice to see the best stock systems for the day/week/month, but are unable to because of the existing format.

$1000 starting capital. LOL. Another C2 vendor not understanding how poorly his system will match results due to under and overexposure from severe undercapitalization.

I believe on C2, you can use leverage for stock systems?

It’s a model. I doubt if starting capitol of 1000 or 10,000 would have made much of a difference in the overall performance. Read my overveiw and it may give you some insight. Even if you did start with 1000 and made 100% a year. Where would that put you in 10 years? I think even you can figure that one out.


I agree with you on this one, except that I dont think Beau can figure that one out without your help…

But I dont agree that stock systems should be treated separately from forex or futures because even though the stocks are comparatively low leverage instruments (compared to forex or futures), they move many times more than futures or forex. So they dont need that much leverage to make the same amount of returns…

What I would like to see at C2 is a move away from focussing on individual markets and treat all markets the same, i.e., see the moves and not the markets. Robust systems are not designed for any individual market or market conditions and so it makes it extremely difficult to identify robust systems at C2 because C2 is concentrating on markets instead of moves…


I took a cursory look at your stock picks. Many of them are companies with small capitalization and are thinly traded. Is this not the reason why your starting capital is only $1,000. Let’s assume you started with $100,000 and got just a few subscribers, would not the resulting slippage kill your system quickly?


I did not start with $1000 to trade thinly traded stocks. I do agree that if I had too many subscribers with big accounts and they all autotraded that yes it would not work. I also reveiwed the past trades and if limit orders were placed the system would work.


Send me a message on my system some time. You seem very knowlegable. I would like to ask a few questions if you are willing.