New great feature on C2

I am referring to the new slick feature where everyone now can see how many auto trading subscribers a vendor has, what Gen3 brokers they use (or trade via TradeBullet) and at what price and when they got filled.

One simply clicks the line above the Hypothetical Trading Results and then the small icon on the far left. I am posting this here because I found out that apparently many vendors are not aware of this feature yet. (I bet some vendors won’t like it because they can no longer make false claims about the number of auto trading subscribers).

Since Matthew did not respond to my post which I posted in the Topaz thread regarding this when it came up I post it again here below and hope that Matthew will respond this time:


This is really a great new feature and as Mike OnC2 previously has mentioned you should make a general announcement when you introduce such slick new tools.

What happens when a subscriber clicks on “Reveal Your Name”, does everyone who opens that page then sees the subscriber’s name?

BTW, would it be possible to add seconds to the broker’s execution time, right now one can only see time delays when they approach one minute.



I actually thought this idea was a bad one, not to encourage lying by developers (who cares what developers claim anyway), but to discourage potential subscribers because it’s human nature to follow the crowd and not go against it. So, if there is a good system that has only a couple of subscribers or none for that matter, others may not join for fear that system is flawed or some other concern that members know and they don’t.

So, this new feature only helps serve older seasoned systems that have grown the subscriber base, telling the community it’s okay to join because so many other have too. At least that’s the way I see it.

To answer your question about “Reveal Your Name”, yes, everyone who opens the page sees the subscriber’s name.

For example, take a look at the system I own and AutoTrade, ES Oscillation, and click on some of the trades back in December. You will notice I’ve allowed my trades to be seen.

I agree, it’s a very nice, new feature, especially with the addition of the GEN 1 trading records.

It also helps systems whose vendors who are willing to put their own money at risk.

I’d be much more likely to subscribe to a system if the vendor could show he was trading it himself.

That is an excellent point I have not realized until you mentioned it.

I have always advocated that C2 should prominently display which vendors trade their own system on C2, in fact, Matthew should encourage this by giving them a special bonus.

We’ll be announcing something with regards to showing which system developers trade their own systems in brokerage accounts shortly. More details soon.

Regarding the “Show brokerage fills” feature (yes, I know I never officially “announced” the feature, but sometimes I like leaving new features lying around without making announcements about them, so that C2 members can stumble upon them and be surprised and delighted; I know, I know – it’s kind of crazy, but I like the idea that at any time you might come to C2 and “discover” something nifty)…

Anyway - the reason we don’t show seconds granularity in the fill time-stamps is because, right now, the time stamps represent when the brokerage fill was confirmed by the broker. Due to the broker/C2 architecture, this is not necessarily the moment when the fill takes place. So I think it would convey a level of accuracy that simply doesn’t exist, and would make implications about which brokers are better than others which are not necessarily true or fair.

Much better, it seems to me, is to judge brokers by execution prices, not time-stamps – at least, for now – considering what these time stamps actually represent.

There are thousands of brokers worldwide and Collective2 is only affiliated with 10 of them, so how is that going to help the systems developers if they are trading elsewhere, outside those 10?

If you add those brokers for which you can use TradeBullet as an interface, it increases the number quite a bit. That’s one of the reasons why I like the addition of the Gen 1 AutoTrade records. My broker doesn’t support Gen 3 AutoTrading.