System not accepting new subscribers

This system is currently not allowing any new subscribers and thus is not viewable by the public.

What is the resoning behind this. I understand not allowing you to subscribe, but not viewable to the public? Can we see the stats and added to a watch list or keep up(watch) the system if already on a watchlist. How about make system notes.



Julio Can you give an example of where this appears?

It’s pretty common. Just click on my own ESO Original system and you’ll see that message.

In my case, I prefer not to have ESO Original viewable, since plan to stop supporting it this year. However I still have subscribers to the system, and it wouldn’t be fair to them to just kill it off.

A system provider always has the option to request their system remain viewable, even if it’s not accepting new subscribers. Also, if a system has just crashed and burned, it remains viewable, even if the system provider may not want it to be.