TAC: Toss A Coin

This should be on the forum requested by Mr. Jules Ellis

The system of our dreams.
If you do not feel ‘comfortable’ with stop losses, you can use a well know old system named TAC (Toss A Coin).
The system is very simple:
1- Toss a coin.
2- Go long or short, following the coin.
3- Do not use stop losses: wait to gain (soon or later ).
4- Use stop profit: play a dice, where you get a number(1-6). For example, if you get a two, set the stop profit at 2% and so on.
5- An alternative is to set the stop profit always at 40%. (This is an alternative for experts), but probably the results that you will claim can last too longer.
6- The system is guaranteed to have only a loss: the last.
7- A corollary: you can have some huge draw downs, but who cares?
8- You can change the invested amount every day, say 100 Sp contract or 1. (This depends on the fact that the day before your sweetheart was kind with you or not.)

Someone angry, that is not experienced, can use a different approach:
1- Always stop losses.
2- Repetitive buy and sell of the same amount.
3- Bla bla
4- The rest is not interesting

On the forum we should discuss only the interesting TAC, not the stupid repetitive methodic systems. In particular, computer are not intelligent: so why let them to operate in dozens of instruments? Why not operate only, say, on Nasdaq?

Last suggestion: the very clever guy does not uses a coin, nor launches dice.
He is inspired on the morning.
He knows! I remember a very important (at that time) provider who said: ”Unbelievable, but it seems that Usd/Jpy is going above 114 ”
So he was firmly waiting for the downhill Now at 117 about

Why unbelievable? Why cut ourselves in this way?

We shall hope that in 1929 his positions on stocks were on the short side

Someone of you surely remembers the matter.

Moreover, someone else wrote to him: “You have the best system I have ever seen. Respect.”


Using always pre-fixed narrow stop losses in this period can be very hard.

And probably on next two months can be harder. Moreover, systems with stop losses are annoying.

I don’t understand. Did I say something wrong?

No: you have suggested a forum for financial arguments. That’s all.