Techie RSS Error

HI Matthew,

I’ve been struggling with converting the RSS feed to HTML for my website, using Feedburners’ excellent BuzzBoost service. Only the very latest RSS item is getting published as HTML, and I’ve tracked the issue back to an invalid feed issue with the C2 source feed.

Here’s a link for the feed validation:

the first usage of <item rdf:about= …

is on line 57, and at the next usage on line 62 we get the duplicate usage error.

The problem seems to be that no value is being assigned to the fromtradeid=

variable - if this was an unique ID per trade, then the entire statement would never be duplicated exactly.

Hope this helps,



All sorted now - thanks Matthew.

For those interested in how you can use RSS feeds on a website, go to:

Scroll down a to a little below the thumbnail charts and you’ll see my C2 RSS feed for my JUMBO system right there in that white box section. Clicking on an individual trade will take one to the same trade listed in my JUMBO system page at C2, so folk can easily check the validity of the information.

For me this does two things:

* adds to the credibility of my trading history info as it’s sourced from C2.

* save me the time of manually updating the trading history: the RSS feed on that page will automatically update every 30 minutes - I love anything that saves me time, and allows me to focus on trading!