Matthew: RSS Feed Still Has Errors

Matthew: There seems to be a remaining bug in the RSS feeds.

From what I can work out it looks like trades that are entered and/or closed in several stages aren’t being handled correctly. Here’s an example for a recent EURUSD trade:

"Long 9 EURUSD - $345 profit13:20 27/11/2007, Latest Trades: TrendSensor Forex

11/20/07 6:08: BTO 9 EURUSD @ 0.49049; 11/21/07 3:06: STC 9 @ 0.49432"

This shows I bought 9 contracts on 11/20 at 0.49049 - gee I wish I could have gotten in at that price!

What actually happened was I bought 3 contracts, averaging 3 x the price quoted. I bought these in three separate transactions and this seems to be connected to the problem somehow (trades where I’ve opened the full position in one transaction, and closed it in one, look fine).

Obviously I can’t use the feed on my site just yet as showing recent EURUSD entries at 0.49049 isn’t going to be credible.

I’m not aware of any other issues in my feeds, so I think we’re getting close to bug-free.

OOPS! This version disappeared for a while and I thought it hadn’t posted.

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