Testing of automated trading by vendor

Hi, I’m a vendor and I want to test the auto trading ability of c2 so I set it up with the help of your wizard and everything looks good. However, I noticed that, as a result, I’ve been subscribed to my own system at the price that I charge for subscribers. I don’t want to pay myself $55 a month to test auto trading. Have I done something wrong or am I just overlooking a detail I’m not aware of.

Thank you for your help.

Marlene Ferreira



You have a 14 day free trial. No Worries.

As a system developer, you have two choices with regards to your own system:

1) You can subscribe to it, just like a regular customer, and therefore experience exactly what a customer experiences (including paying the subscription fees, receiving payment emails, etc.) Some system vendors want to do this, so that they can feel comfortable with the C2 customer experience.

2) You can simply autotrade your own system without subscribing. Your own systems appear in the AutoTrade setup screen as valid choices, even without explicit subscription payments to them.


I use the second method, described, on one of my systems, as a demonstration of faith to my subscribers (showing I’m willing to risk my own money on my own system).

I was curious as to why my own AutoTrade executions don’t show up when I click on the Show AutoTrade Data button. Is it because I’m AutoTrading my system, but not subscribed to it? Is it because I’m using TradeBullet as an interface to my broker, Velocity Futures (not a Gen3 interface)? Or, maybe, because I don’t have synchronization turned on?

It would be nice to have my own records show up, just to let my subscribers know I’m still with them on each trade.