The deley is TOOOOOO long

I had a STC order for EUH6 more than 50 minutes ago (see below) and the trade confirmation still has not been seen yet.

So what’s the longest possible deley we should expect for trade confirmation on C2?


Emailed, trade pending 3/10/2006 Sell to close 1 @EUH6 @ limit 1.1991 GTC

Sometimes the order is filled but the text isn’t updated. I usually press cancel order which then returns a messsage “order already executed.” Give it a try.


I just tried, but it doesn’t work. It allows me to cancel - while I know for sure that this order should have been filled 60 minutes ago.

When were you expecting that fill? I haven’t seen it that high for a couple of days. At least not from my quote vendor. Are you sure you didn’t mean something like 1.1919, not 1.1991?

Thank you so much for pointing this out.

Yes it was my fault in this case: I meant to enter the price of 1.1891 instead of 1.1991

Sorry about this.

Here we see some long-delay cases again … both GTC orders (see below) should have been filled 40 minutes ago, but the trade confirmation still not been seen yet.


Emailed, trade pending 3/15/2006 Sell to open 1 @YMM6 @ limit 11313 GTC

Emailed, trade pending 3/16/2006 Sell to open 1 @YMM6 @ limit 11295 GTC

More than 60 minutes now and still not confirmation yet.

This kind of delay is indeed toooooo long, isn’t it? How could this be happening.

CAT, more than 60 minutes you say? How about 10 hours, That is how long my orders are pending. I think this site is down and MK is not responding. May be he is unavailable.

I have experienced twice very-long-delay situation on C2 before … both of which has a longer-than-24-hours delay.

Here is another one … this YMM6 order had no response for 30+ minutes already by now.

I think this long-delay thing is indeed a serious issue here as there are many day-trading systems on C2. With this kond of delay happening so often, it’s very hard for system developers to make quality day-trading on C2 platform.

This YMM6 order … no response for 40+ minutes already by now (it should have been filled 40 minutes ago)


Emailed, trade pending 3/16/2006 Buy to close 1 @YMM6 @ limit 11334 GTC