Five No System "NQU8" your first choice

The Five No System: “No martingale, no grid, no hedging, no scalping and no dangerous elements of Money Management.”
This System has been runing for 6 months, here is the data:

Some Information about this system:

With 7 months hard work, Now, we get a good C2 score, and you can find it in Leaderboard- Futures-“NQU8”

More Information: This System don’t use margin now, and It will keep up trade in the same lot. It will keep up the same method of trading. This system don’t expect for large profit, but look forward to good Rate of Profit/loss. You can find out that The system lose small in several times but then get a big profit in the trading history . That’s the Profit/loss rate what you expected. This system keep up the risk of every trade below 2%, and keep up only one trade in the same time, so you don’t need to worry The max DD at one day,
Risk first, This System trade in master trend, give up small trend, only trade NASDAQ INDEX. follow my footsteps, and insist it, trust me, you will win in future. It’s a long time to see the result of success, so be patience.

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I keep DD below 1.5% in one trade, if I lose ten times in 10 trade, the total DD will below 15%, I don’t think that will happen, if you flip coins ten times , can you get the front side for ten times ? 50% to 50% in Probability. So can you get me.

You should know, I don’t expcet for large profit, so I don’t keep losing trade, I look forward the better Rate of Profit to Loss . I keep the same lot in every trade. So, don’t worry. you may find out that other traders keep losing trade, or add position in losing trade ,They get a big DD in one trade, more than 10%,20%,30% or more. that’s the risk you should worry, but In my system , that won’t happen. be patience, you will win.