The Magic Millionaire Maker System

I guess it’s a few days past April fools, but the reality I want to display as a 14 year (losing) trader, which we all must be honest, most of us are in the 90% of losing traders here, is that there is no magical system or guru. Tim Sykes, Super Millionaire System #3 with Hedged Delta (Smart sounding system), is not going to win you.

What wins is discipline. It took Jesse Livermore the understanding to short the market pre the 1929 crash to be right. He didn’t guess, he did what no man or woman had ever thought have doing because Greed recycles itself through the ages.

Be a lesson to all, there are a lot of phonies, frauds, and fakes. After the crash of ConservProfit (2017), one of the bread&butter systems of C2, it shows even these degree wearing Math / Neuroscientists can be as full of you know what and it is all a flip of a coin to some of them.

The word draw down is also I call, denial. Sometimes, we live in draw down city thinking it will change, but that is also called denial.

Trade smart, people, make better systems, Donald Trump is definitely getting this economy on the rise no question about it, however, Matt Klein, your systems should reflect that too and I see that some are starting to. So good, job.

No easy money. No free money. Trading is a consistent longterm game of %'s. The more right you are, the less you need to work a standard 9-5 job and be miserable like everybody else. Keep those trades smart and cut when it is time to move on to the next one.

Best days. -Jarett


Great Post! Absolute Truth!

Thanks…! How is your system performing?

It’s on track for meeting my goal. Please check it out.

Just more snakeoil. :frowning:

YM Magic. I’m doing okay. Made a couple of typos on order entry. Cost me atleast 13% more in profit. But only 70 dollars loss on each trade.