The people behind C2

From time to time, members have suggested we “open the kimono” a bit to reveal the people who work at C2. We’ve prepared just such a page:

Great stuff. LOL: always good to have a sense of humor (impact of commissions!).


ha ha

Great Team! May be a little small a team for all the work at C2. May I assume this is NOT all the work force at C2.


In the description of one of the people behind C2:

"Right now he’s busy developing a Gen3 interface to a very popular broker, which C2 Members have been requesting for several years."

Does that mean a Gen3 connection to Interactive Brokers is in the pipeline? This would be by far the biggest improvement C2 could make.

I hope he can finish this job before a Hollywood studio discovers this handsome looking guy -:slight_smile: