New C2 Dashboard available for preview

We’ve released the newest version of C2’s Strategy Dashboard. If you’re interested in trying it out (and I hope you are), click the link near the top of the old dashboard page (you can’t miss it; it is marked with a purple “love heart” icon).

Please let me know what you think of the new Dashboard. Your feedback – whether positive, negative, or somewhere in between – will be most welcome.


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Position side seems wrong. All the positions are classified as long

Are these real time positions I am seeing for systems on my watch list?

Yeah the new dashboard appears to be showing the OPEN positions for all systems in a users watch list. I am assuming this was not intended?

Now that I checked out the new dashboard, how do I get back to the old dashboard???

To return to the old Dashboard, look for the link on the bottom left of the page that says:

Return to classic Dashboard

Hi, guys -

A bunch of people have asked about the new dashboard (Dashboard2015 is our internal project name).

Let me copy and paste an email response I just sent to a C2 Member, who had similar questions. Maybe it will be useful here, too:

One thing that seems to make C2 confusing to new users, or less technical ones, is the idea that once you find a strategy you’re interested in, you need to go through several steps in order to “enjoy it.” You might want to “watch it.” Then you might “subscribe” to it. Then you might “autotrade” it. With each step, you can see different aspects of the system, have different levels of access, and can use it in different ways.

This makes a lot of sense to me (and perhaps you) as a programmer, or as a long-time user of C2, but part of the idea behind Dashboard2015 (the internal project name) is that we try to eliminate some of that “conceptual baggage.”

Now, when there is a strategy you like, you can just “see it.” That’s it – you don’t need to do anything else. It just appears on your Dashboard, and you can see up-to-date live information about that strategy! You don’t need to set up live feeds, or anything like that. The live feeds are right there, on the Dashboard. And when you autotrade the strategy in a broker account, you automatically see the live trading results right there, in that section of Dashboard2015. You don’t need to set anything up, or ask for anything.

As a long-time user of C2, you probably say, “Wait a second? Don’t I have to subscribe to a system in order to see real-time positions?”

The answer is, yes. But we try to integrate that seamlessly into the Dashboard2015 experience. So, the “live feeds” you see in Dashboard2015 depend on whether or not you are a real-time subscriber.

Here’s the breakdown:

When you put a strategy into your Dashboard2015…
---- you see “Live Feeds” … but only when trades have been closed. (i.e. no open positions are shown)

When you subscribe to a strategy…
---- the little green checkmark appears (“Real-time Sub?”) AND your “live feeds” show real-time position data for the systems “Model Account”

When you autotrade a strategy…
---- the little green checkmark appears (“Autotrade?”) AND your “live feeds” show you up-to-the-moment P/L of your brokerage account.

Admittedly, there is ZERO documentation, or hints, or explanation on the new page. That was going to come a bit later, after we took the new Dashboard for a shake-down cruise.)

With this explanation, above, does the page seem a bit more sensible? Remember, it’s an early version, so your feedback is important.


Carma - the “Positions all labeled as LONG” issue is now fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

I’ve always felt that the current dashboard is information overload. I personally never look at “Most Viewed”, “Latest from C2 Forums” (now that the Forums are fixed), “Online” and “Trading Leaders”. That’s just me – I’m sure others find these sections useful and perhaps they help market C2 to new users. However, I could also see a new user being overwhelmed and give up trying to understand the site.

I just took a look at the new dashboard, and it seems the direction is still to blast the user with more information. I keep many systems on my Watchlist that I accumulate over time while I wait for promising systems to develop a long enough track record to consider them for subscription. With the new dashboard, that generate 18 pages of individual trade information for my watch list – none of which is of interest to me on a daily basis.

Now let me say what I do like about the new dashboard. I think the trading circle idea is an interesting concept and I would likely participate in this. I like the “Popular Strategies” section. It gives a just enough information for the top-performing systems to make it useful – equity curve, trading instrument, last 90 and last 180. I think the same amount of information should be displayed for the Watch List instead of the most recent closed trades.


By the way - just to be clear:

  1. You can “collapse” any system on the new Dashboard2015, so that you don’t see system details.

But it occurs to me as I write this, that the “default” state information is displayed ought to be collapsed, so that system details are not shown unless you specifically want them (the opposite of the current way it currently works). It also occurs to me we should add a “collapse all” button to simplify the whole screen in one click – collapsing away all the details.

  1. You can hide or unhide any system on your screen. Click the GEAR ICON in the upper right corner of the screen to configure:

MatthewKlein, It looks like I am able to see ‘Live’ ‘Open’ positions for systems that I have in my watch list, but am not subscribed to. This seems contrary to your statement:

When you put a strategy into your Dashboard2015…
---- you see “Live Feeds” … but only when trades have been closed. (i.e. no open positions are shown)

Is this an error? Personally, I would not like users to have access to open positions by just having a strategy in their watch list. I assume others would feel the same.

Yes, this was an error. It is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

I prefer the current Dashboard.

I like the Live Feed of systems I am using right there, as they are now.

I am not interested enough in the Watchlist systems for them to be prominent, even in the ‘compressed’ format. They are where my Live Feed was/should be.

I like the way the Watchlist is on the side now. If I want to see it, I click it. It is right there. I only need the link. I think anyone on the inter-web knows how to click a link.

I also like the Most Viewed. I like seeing what’s interesting to people. I have found good systems this way. It is easier than the Grid. If the idea is making things easier for new users, this is an easy way to start the process of looking at systems. The Grid could be information overload for the new site visitor.

I would lose Trading Leaders and Online, as someone else suggested. I never look at these. New visitors are not going to miss this stuff. Put the longer section of Featured Systems in place of Online and Trading Leaders, as you have it on the New Dashboard. This is also good for new visitors: easy, ‘See it, Click it’.

Basically, keep the current Dashboard. Amend it a little.

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I think you need to add a function to order the systems in the dashboard as you want, right now if you have 10 autotrading sytem and some in whatchlist you see all in order as C2 want, and for sure you need to have in top your autotrading system instead whatchlist system that you are not using with your money. Without it, the idea of your new dashboard dont have a lot of sense, because its very confusing to follow what are you doing…


The feature you want is already there. You can re-order the list of systems (and hide/show systems) by clicking the GEAR icon in the upper right of the screen.

I think the current dashboard makes better use of the space available.
Also I think the experimental dashboard does have the audible alert functional which I think is a very important feature.

I prefer the classic dashboard. The new one is too cluttered and not exactly meant as dashboard as the information is overload. It is useful when one wants to peek at the latest transaction of systems followed or subscribed. I say keep the classic but move the revised dashboard somewhere else for a detailed read of systems.

Seriously C2 should concentrate more in improving the site’s infrastructure instead of this “new dashboard” “new forum” stuff .
For example the equity curve is all over the place and there seems to be some issues in the mark to market calculation method , it looks like the closed PL is reflected in the equity curve faster than the open PL one , so if a trader has 2 open trades one in a loss and one in profit , after closing the losing one the equity curve will take a dive although there is still an open position deeply in profit and nothing really did change !!

some things to improve the new dashboard:

  1. allow us to either right-click a signal providers name to do “new tab or new window” or have it automatically open a new window when you left-click. Left clicking on a name and losing the dashboard is annoying, and I can’t open a new tab with a right click.

  2. fix the “total P/L” bug that I mentioned in another thread.

  3. put time and dates on the signal alerts. You have “new, closed, and cancelled” but that information is not enough. Having a time and date will be more precise.

  4. allow us to have the alerts never go away. I am looking at the old alerts and when while I am trying to understand the information, the signal line just disappears! Give us an option to keep it up at least.

  5. have “trading circle” removable. I know you would like people to start sharing like social media but for some of us who have no friends (haha) it takes up valuable page real estate.

hope that helps. I will post again when I have more ideas.


Will the “trading circle” be able to see the open positions for everyone in the circle ?