Auto trade fee for stocks?

Hello All! Could you please advice me what is the auto trade fee for stocks for subscribers? Under Information > Prices menu it shows no fee for stocks. But on the very first page before login it shows 67$ per month flat rate. And another question - does this fee included into monthly incomes table or not?

Yes, that information is correct. Due to USA regulations, when you trade stocks and options using C2 AutoTrade technology, we can only charge a flat fee for use of the software technology, no matter how much you trade. The price for this is $67 per month if you choose to use C2’s server-based AutoTrade (i.e. no software needs run on your computer). This price assumes a 6-month prepayment. (It’s $99 month-to-month.) Finally, we do not factor AutoTrade software license fee into stock trading system results.

Thank you for you explanation. Your answer on the second question confused me. May be it is due to unclear question.

On the trading system page you have a selector “… Broker comissions and Auto Trade fees”. Change of this selector causes changes in the table “Hypothetical Monthly Returns (includes system fee and … Brokers commissions and fees)”. Could you please clarify what fees are used, when this table values are calculated: Auto Trade fee, Subscription fee, both fees or no fees at all? I am asking cause I am trying to understand how these estimated returns can change in case of smaller initial capital.


When you look at a system-details page, all the following fees/costs are included in the stats/returns/chart: estimated broker commissions, monthly system subscription fees, and per-unit AutoTrade fees (for forex and futures trades). The only cost we do not include is the monthly software fee that you pay if you choose to trade stocks and options through our Gen3 software.

(By way of further clarification: there is no monthly fee for futures and forex trading; in the case of forex/futures trading, there is instead a small per-unit transaction fee charged by your broker, which is included in all C2 stats/charts).

Thank you for clarification.