The unicorn is officially found?

Got the first sub finally. Usually they all go flat or stop growing. Now that can’t buy 5 cent vix options with the farm anymore.

oh yeah! this one will attract a ton of subs if I know the c2 investor mentality of big profits in shortest time possible! :wink:

Great find. @OSUTIA

In the description: “Please make your subscription decision solely based on the C2 trading records”

Unfortunately those C2 trading records of this system are complete trash. You can’t buy/sell that many VIX options at once. I’m sure he also got favorable bid/ask rates like others on C2 trading with funny money.

That being said, his trades outside the VIX options have overall made money. If he just used those to trade (and started with say, $50k) I’d have some respect for him. But he’s a scammer like many others on here.

Think about it. He started with pretty much nothing and turned it into almost $600k in less than 5 months. If you were that good of a trader, why bother sharing it? He’d be a millionaire a couple weeks from now. Totally ridiculous. Any subscribers deserve to lose their shirt, and will never get anything close to the returns he has shown.

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I totally agree but he will get subs fast because most investors are unaware of this and think there is always a holy grail system out there.

We try to warn them but it seems futile against greed.

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There. Fixed it for you.

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Do you guys know C2 knows about this issue with VIX products - especially options on them and liquidity/slippage in general?
Do they just ignore it - not sure this helps anyone
There seem to be quite a few systems based on that that all look good on the surface until you dig a little into it

there use to be a few top systems on here that would short like vix 50 calls for 5 cents for 5000 contracts. c2 wont execute the trade. They will go on their etrade account and buy 1 shares of 50 call at at 5 cents. Then c2 will execute that trade. they keep repeating this weekly and get the performance % to attract subscribers.