The weakness of autotrading

Since Matthew does not want me to publicly question the weakness of autotrading, I emailed him to ask, but never got response after almost one month. So I have to rasie the issue here.

I used the market order to buy those two stocks 2-5 minutes before the market close, but the auotrading software did not get my subscriber order filled. What’s the reason? The market order can not get filled for 5 minutes? The real broker will lose business if this happens quite often.

7/21/11 15:55 BUY 3,000 LO 113.18 7/22 10:37 113.34 Low $420

Real brokerage AutoTrade data

Signal 63778809 5 LO Sell 113.34

7/21/11 15:58 BUY 1,000 APKT 60.08 7/22 10:06 63.55 Low $3,450

Real brokerage AutoTrade data

Signal 63775795 9 APKT Sell 63.55