Urgent: some contracts c2 doesnt send orders for autotrading

Its the second time that happen the same, the first time i write to support, but seems that i was talking with a wall, i was talking of 1 thing and the guy talking of another totally different, i think he doesnt have enought knowlegde to know of what i was talking about and he close the ticket without any correct reply.

Here the issue:

In the system Future X the position @GFJ5, day 3/4/15 no one recieve a filled, you can see in “show details”, owner of the system send us a message to warn of that.

Today same issue in the system Two Cents with the position @LEM5, if you click in the “show details” no one have filled that contract neither. The rest of the contracts everyone recieve a filled.

I didnt recieve any about these 2 orders in the poll to C2 of autotrading system.
Then c2 is not sending properly the orders of these contracts.

The first position was a earn of 3300$ but for nothing, because no one recieve that order.
Then the suscribers, me im one of them, we lost a trade of 3300$ of earn, trading its hard, but with issues its impossible. The worst is that i send the issue to support and i was ignored.

Please solve this urgently, its a important issue, you cant ignore it.


@GF is trading fine, but I do not see any trades for @GF in Future X: https://collective2.com/system73614130

We are looking into why the @LE signal was not sent to any autotrader.

In future X system:

3/4/15 13:10 BUY 1 @GFJ5 FEEDER CATTLE 204.375 3/13 11:39 211.000 0.62% $3,299

Any filled for the buy of the contract, i didnt recieve anything from c2, the same that today for @LE, that dont have any filled neither.

This is very perplexing. It comes down to the fact that the CME’s own web site seems to have incorrect market hours.

Here is a picture of the CME’s web site, regarding trading hours for Live Cattle:

So, C2 “holds” these orders from AutoTraders until closer to the market opening time.

Yet, it appears that the CME is filling these orders at 8:05 Central time (9:05 Eastern time)… which is clearly an hour earlier than the CME web site says are valid trading hours.

Anyone know what is going on with the Cattle trading hours?

Ah… wait:

Looks like they have adjusted their hours so that Tuesday - Thursday, trading is between 9:00 and 17:00 Eastern.

(But they haven’t updated their own web site to reflect this).

I will correct the C2 database so that orders are sent during these hours.

It looks like you have all of the info now. I agree that the way the CME website explains the Globex hours is confusing (with the overnight closure being listed as a halt and restart).

So to recap trading hours for these symbols: @GF, @LE, @HE

Monday 10:05 to 17:00 Eastern
Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 to 17:00 Eastern
Friday 9:00 to 14:55 Eastern

On the same note but different contract, how is the status with GBP autotrade for Interactive Brokers? The signal is still not being synchronized.

I dont understand what relation there is between hours of trading, and dont recieve a signal :confused:
For example during hours that the market its closed, i recieve a lot of signals for stocks and when it open they are filled, but these signals i talk, we never recieve the signal.

It depends on the instrument type and exchange and broker. In some cases we can deliver orders long before the market opens; in other cases, we can’t. In the particular case we’re talking about, C2 “held” the orders because we believed the market was closed. Then the order filled before the time we would have released the order into AutoTrader accounts.

As I said in my earlier post, the C2 database has now been updated with the latest trading hours for the CME livestock futures. The CME web site, alas, is still not updated with correct market hours for CME trading hours.

GBP is still buggy at IB. We expect to re-test it next week and we’ll see if we can enable it.

(1) The hours given by the IB trading software (TWS) for LE agree with the hours you list. Strange how they vary by day of the week.
(2) I am autotrading Two Cents (at IB) and I got an LE fill (sell to close position) today, at the same time and price given on the system’s web page.