Ticket status

It would be nice if we could see our open tickets, the time they were opened, an estimated action time, and current status. I think it would keep people off the backs of the C2 developers. fwiw I have two tickets that have been open since last night, and the errors C2 has made are hurting my stats. It makes me anxious but I also don’t want to bother you about it. If I had a completion time estimate, I’d know to keep calm until that time has passed. Just an idea.


Good point, Micah. I somehow removed from our emails the automatic URL where you can check the status of your tickets. I will restore it to the emails that C2 Help Desk sends whenever you submit a query. This will allow you to follow your questions and know their status.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Sounds good.

I didn’t get an email about the two trouble tickets I put in last night, and the problems still exist. I’ll leave it alone until this afternoon. My subscribers are missing out on some good trades.

Does it really take more than 24 hours?