Trouble Ticket Response Time

I filled out trouble tickets for 3 bad trade executions on 1/26. I “Parked indefinitely” each trade (each using almost 100% of available equity) at the previous night’s close - but all 3 executed at 9:29 automatically. I submitted the trouble tickets a couple of times but still haven’t received a response. Anyone else with similar problems ?

Hang on Steve, let me take a look.


I also submitted a ticket about a week ago with respect to the Park Indefinitely not working. How can I get this looked at?



I don’t see that trouble ticket so please re-submit. Sorry and thanks.

P.S. The park-indefinitely problem has been solved.

Thanks for the quick response to my post. The erroneous trades were removed, but my equity line still shows the erroneous drawdown. Could you fix that as well ?

Thanks again.