TickPrime SP500 : 5 months Update

We are happy to inform that TickPrime SP500 has completed 5 months of active trading on C2 and ranks among the top performing strategies here*.

If you have not checked the strategy out already, we welcome you to make use of the trial period.

C2 Grid:

Equity Curve:

Trade Timeline:

Trade Results Histogram:

Leverage Timeline:

DrawDown curve:

DrawDown Recovery Efficiency:

[*] Performance on C2Grid when measured by Sharpe Ratio and filtered on Strategy Age(>90), # Trades(>90), C2 Score(>95), Calmar Ratio(>10) and Max Drawdown(<30) to ensure statistical relevance.


Wooow. Congratulations from wugot.
However, I would advise you to manage your losses. They are very scary. I would have my account blow by having all those losses added.
The cumulative profit is still low for the 5 months.
At least, it is still better than putting money in a bank.
Good luck and long life with trading

Lejeune Bauvil for Wugot strategy.

ACA nicely done.

This forum has sure turned into a place for trolls. I wish there was a block feature to get rid of some of these clowns. As to those who are here to talk about systems, features etc I appreciate it.

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It’s better when you present the sharpe ratio to leave the original data and not filtering it in favor of you systems so play with it too much.

All my top 3 systems have better sharpe ratio - more risk maybe 2-3-4 times then risk but the gains are 300% 800% and so on. Not 30%

That is why we have sharpe ratio - to see if the excess risk give nice return.
Better sharpe ratio - better systems.

Don’t get confuse
30% gains system with 10%
Can’t be better the 300% gains with 30% risk

It’s kind of mislead the public to filter too much and sort by sharpe ratio and to show the public only your results without better sharpe ratio systems.

You can check if your system is in the ‘real to top 20’
Here you can see it in fair filters and nor too much filtered data

(A) We wonder how you would blow your account with a system having -11.2% Drawdown in the last 155 days, when the system you are selling on C2, which is 55 days old has a -15.6% Drawdown with -18.58% intra-trade drawdowns.

(B) This is a Long/Short strategy with the mandate to deliver Alpha (I.e: beat the index) in the long run without taking excessive risk. Here’s the C2 comparison chart to illustrate that. You will note that the S&P 500 has had a Drawdown of -13% during this period.


Hi Tsvika,

We believe the purpose of the Grid is to filter and to find systems which are similar (I.e: Statistically comparable). The filters that we chose ( Strategy Age(>90), # Trades(>90), C2 Score(>95), Calmar Ratio(>10) and Max Drawdown(<30) ) are looking to identify systems which are consistent over a long duration. And like you clearly pointed out, your systems are in a different risk-reward profile and hence do not appear in the filters.

Finally, this post is about the performance of our strategy and the parameters we use to measure it. Infact our target subscribers are also very different from those who subscribe to your strategies. So we will greatly appreciate if you stop advertising yourself on our posts - because it is in poor taste and is simply not relevant here.



its ok to filter the results but you can’t post something claiming That this one or the best system and wish others to ignore the data.

What about letting the sharpe ratio to speak by itself?
It ok to take out very short life/ low trades systems
But I would not filter by risk or gains
Why you didn’t filter only systems with 40% gains or more ? Or sharpe above 4?

Its better not play too much with the data


Our previous answer already addressed your statements. But allow us to repeat it again, perhaps in a more clear manner.

Answer to your questions:
Not every strategy is the same. In “OUR” opinion, a good strategy is one which meets certain filter parameters, as mentioned in the post - we are looking for long duration and sustained performance across multiple risk-reward measures. And this is how we chose to measure our strategy.

More simply put, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion of what is a good strategy. What you are suggesting is a kin to convincing someone who invests in Blue chip stocks to invest in Penny stocks and saying that both are the same. Trust us when we say this, both have significantly different risk-reward profiles and target investors. They should not be compared - and that is exactly what the filters are filtering out.

Trust this answers your questions.


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The percentage does not really count for me,it is the amount of the losses that I consider the most
Consecutive bg losses would have destroy my small account.
I would have needed a real big account to follow a such system
Draw down is different from losses. Especially consecutive losses…
1% can be far away bigger than 50%
Check the real numbr and also how many consecutives losses the system has.
If you double your $2000 account, that would have given you 100%
While someone who has a made 10% of a $100000 account, would only have 10%.
If you look only the percentage, you would fall in love of the wrong system.

Anyway, each system is different. People have their right to promote and follow what they feel comforatble with at their owrn risk.

Good luck from wugot.

OK, I’m going to close this thread, because the ratio of self-promotional drivel to useful information has declined precipitously.

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