Top Hot Forex System - 2 weeks and counting

Greetings everyone,

The team here at LITfund has enjoyed seeing our system as the Top Hot Forex System on collective2 for two weeks now:

Our low-risk trading strategy has generated consistent returns for some time now. While it is true we could increase leverage and lot sizes to maximize profits, we are wondering what the temperament for risk is among prominent collective2 traders.

We welcome any feedback on this matter, and will continue to work to provide timely, salient trading advice.


The team at [LINKSYSTEM_48598246]

Fellow traders,

LITfund is back at the top of the Top Hot Forex System list.

But we’re curious: LITfund’s trade duration is 1.8 weeks, or 12.5 days. Is this too long to wait for the next salient trade? In other words, is it too boring to trade with LITfund?

We realize people trade with Collective2 for the monetary incentives, but it’s also just plain exciting, right?

Thanks for the feedback, and happy trading,

The friendly folks at [LINKSYSTEM_48598246]