System is being managed and will be due for release Monday (Forex/Futures Hybrid)

I have a 14 day trial on system building. I will hand enter the trades like I usually do until I get enough time to automate. I am very proud to announce this system to all of you who have been seeing how hardlined of a position I have been taking against “one trick pony” traders.

This will be the first to my technology (Trading style for over 14 years) and I welcome everyone to scrutinize it, criticize it, analyze it, what have you… I am keeping this completely transparent and this thread hopefully will serve as an education piece to all of us who are losing money like fish on this site through ill-managed systems.

This will be a swing trading system with a few scalps here and there. Start an account with $500 and let’s build it up. I recommend always withdrawing your initial deposit once the account is profitable because that way you will be playing soley with the “House’s money”.

Let’s go:


do a system that trades futures forex symbols for those that can’t trade forex.

I like that idea. I will incorporate Futures into it probably tomorrow. This should be fun.

Again, guys, I recommend (Even for the rich millionaires of the forums) Please start with $500 of YOUR OWN CAPITAL and see how it works. Don’t lose much trying, but I can promise you, I have been the journey of over 14 years and learned and read every important book their is to know on Trading. I didn’t mess around, I am full American and did this out of my parents house when I was 16 starting with the old GFT broker. No joke, I have a heart in this. Not here for your money, but to improve as a trader myself. Teach what you love=Get better at it.


Strategy still under test? not visible now in C2…

There will be a Futures and Forex System up monday. Get ready, it will be solid. Goal is to limit draw down and keep habitual risk reward principals I have used successfully & refined over the last five years in my poker years and implemented in trading successfully on my own trading account last year.

Capped price at $99 per month with 7 day free trial. Since I am taking the suggestion of the collective, I am implementing E-Mini S&P into the mix, I will be trading it along with my own daily trading in the ES. I am looking forward to a relationship with all of you that is long term and forward seeking. Trading has been a life blood of mine for a long time, I should have thought of doing this sooner.

Happy weekend,


well just tell us this. Were you profitable last year with just ES?

I started trading the ES this year with you know who (cough cough Initials AO) because I, like I said numerously, wanted to just sit back & relax on Autopilot, kind of. However, with seeing that system fail hard in its second month soon, I had no choice but to pull the trigger and make it into a system of my own.

Like I said, and I think you are guilty of seeing this too @TT3, that system was no dream system. I could live without the hard stops because I am not a full autotrader who sleeps when his trades go on, I always maintain a control, but, look back at his entry plots. Not exits. Look at his, compare it with ConservProfit’s, and many of the system traders here who are mostly all bark and no bite. Understand and give me a strong one paragraph thesis to why the h*ll these people are buying the market at a multi-time time frame double top formation and selling (shorting) it at peak support when the market has been ranging for the past few days…

I can’t understand that and I think that is stupid economics. So what, we as traders have to lose because… Why again? Because the system dev doesn’t time his entries better and more advantageously? and is instead on some drawdown plan instead of common sense plan?

Markets are markets. Support and resistance are what they are. I don’t care what anyone says, but the probabilities of these things are in their historical significance.

So, to answer your question, no, but I know markets and risk better than anyone else. It doesn’t need to be so technically complicated but having the trigger finger to as I said, CUT CUT CUT in a previous post when the market just isn’t giving you what you are seeking is probably the best strategy out there and you will see it come to fruition in a few days.

Thank you,