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TOS in leade board list?


DanceWithTheTrend, you did not subscribed to a single strategy and you did create few strategies by yourself in red or abandoned.

Again, study that customers without money are better that customers with money. And let me study if TOS strategies are better from non-TOS strategies.


@Le_Trading_Dudeski: When a strategy is TOS certified, that means C2 certifies the size of the trades being placed in the broker account owned by the strategy developer.

Let’s look at the example you cite:

Imagine a TOS forex strategy where the C2 trade record says BUY 4 EURUSD. This means the strategy trade leader trades 40,000 EURUSD x his reported scaling factor. In other words, if the badge on the strategy says TOS 100%, that means he is trading with 100% scaling, and this indicates he placed a 40,000 EURUSD trade in his own broker account. **

Note that we do not report how large is the trade leader’s broker account. So, if Warren Buffett joins C2 and is TOS certified, his trading a mere 4 minilots of EURUSD should probably be less significant than Joe Blow’s trading 4 minilots. After all, if Warren Buffet’s trade goes badly, he probably won’t care too much; on the other hand, Joe Blow probably will. Still when, we report that a Trade Leader is TOS at 100%, that means you know the size of the trades he is generally making in his own live broker account.

** TOS is a nice feature, but you still need to regard all track records on C2 as hypothetical.


Thank you for this clarification Matthew.


Some of the best current C2 systems started that way too.

Nothing personal, eh?