System not showing on new Leaderboard

Hi Matthew,

I want to bring an issue about the leader board to your attention because it may affect more developers than just me. (@everyone: check if it affects your systems)

My strategy trades only long XIV so it´s IRA friendly. However, when I filter the leader board for IRA friendly it doesn´t show up (using the drop down menu where “popular” is the default).

It also has a 14 day free trial period. If I select the “has free trial” in the drop down it doesn´t show up again.

But when I choose “Trades own Strategy” as selector then it shows up! So I assume it should also be displayed in the other 2 selections. Or how do you determine if a system makes it onto that list?

Thanks for looking into this!

The reason you are not on leader board because the lowest strategy c2 score is 52. Your strategy is at 48.

Leaderboard so shows limited amount of strategy, you strategy is just not high enough c2 score to show up. But when u add TOS or other filter, then your c2 score might be high enough to get in the list.


Thank you, very useful information. :slight_smile:

I think there are many other systems not listed in the “Leaderboard”.

Example: should show up in the category “New 90-Day High” but it does not (C2 Score is 62). In this category there are currently only 8 strategies listed. This is definitly to less.

I would like that C2 describes all filter criteria for the Leaderboard to make this more reliable and transparent for all users or to correct the filter problems asap.

“The Grid” does much better work for finding systems that meet certain criteria.

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Thank you for the information Osutai. The requirements to appear on the Leaderboard is puzzling, to say the least. Here are some statistics of a system (which I will not name) that appears on the Leaderboard with the following statistics (although it appears as though the system has now been removed from the list):

Cumulative Return 0.2%
Age 3 Months
C2 Score 51.8
MDD 1.5%
Profit Factor 1.2
Sharpe Ratio 0.071
Underperforms the S&P 500 by a WIDE margin

Really a head scratcher as to why this system would appear on the list at all?!

Here is another example of a system that appears on the Leaderboard with less than stellar numbers

C2 Score 61.2
Age - 8 Months
Cumulative Return 6.3%
MDD 10.8%
Profit Factor 1.4
Sharpe Ratio 1.338
Constantly underperforms the S&P 500
TOS Certified - Yes

Something is definitely broken. My system SystematicBlue SP500 completely vanished from the Popular list, the Trades Own Strategy list, and the “IRA friendly” list. I can’t even find it when I search for it by name on The Grid! Just last week the system was on all of the above.

[Edit: And now it’s back]

C2 score of 65.5. It seems fair. Monthly, quarterly and annual return above avg peer on c2. Drawdown 25% also lower than peers on c2. I don’t see why it should deserve a c2 score of 65?

Almost from the beginning, it has been an ongoing challenge to discern the methodology for deriving the “C2 Score” and why some systems, with very good stats, don’t have a higher score.

61.5 c2 score. It has a decent return and decent drawdown. I don’t know what you are looking for? Are you trying to understand why is this not in the 80’s?

Hi Osutai,

I am not sure if you were replying to me, or VIXTrader, but I was not advocating for a higher C2 Score for my system (although it would be nice!), I was merely commenting on the methodology behind assigning a system a C2 Score. Take care!

We kina of know what stats weight heavy to c2 score.

  1. Performance compare to peers
  2. Drawdown compare to peers
  3. popularity rank today and weekly
  4. Number of new sub/trials/simulation (this pretty much also increases popularity score)
  5. Track record of positive performance to peers

Of your c2 score is above 60 it means you are barely above your peers. If you look at any of the top 25 strategies they are either top 10 in performance or/and top10 in drawdown. Or their popularity is 900 score or higher. And systems with 4+ years of history also are on the list. In a way your c2 score is ranking your system in each category with all other systems.

As you can see most system will try to get high c2 score by trading vix. That’s like the only place you can get really high performance. Or go all in on Long call/puts on a high tech or pharma stock. Get 1-2 trade right and your c2 score is 90+. Then from that pt on just keep drawdown below 10% and do very conservative trades. Like sell way way OTM puts or sell vix calls above 20. Then your c2 score will stay 90+ indefinitely



Thanks for your detailed reply! I have seen a number of criteria kicked around over the years (C2 does not publish the EXACT criteria) but your list seems pretty accurate. In summary, the best way to increase the C2 Score of a system is to keep plugging away with good results, over an extended period of time. Take care!

Dear Osutai,

your points 3) and 4) are good for Leaderboard subselection of “popular” systems. But from my point of view the popularity is a bad indicator when I use subselection “New 90 day high” for instance. Here I expect also new strategies with low popularity (because they are new?) but with simply a new 90 days high which I can give a chance. C2 score of 61.5 as additional filter is ok but NO popularity filter please! How shall systems get popular at all, if it is not honored that they make new highs because of low popularity or low number of subscribers?


My point is how c2 score is calculated. I just know when I click on dashboard or find a strategy on the left side you want your strategy to be on the top20 list. That’s usually how you get the most exposure and subs. C2 score is how you get on that list. Without clicking or sorting by anything.

try beating the s&p first.

Strategy IBD Tiger 107351506 has (when I write this) C2 score of 72.7 and trades at an all time high (including 90 day high). It is listed since January 2017 and has a track record of over 600 trades and YTD performance is nearly 50%. So why is this strategy (and I assume many others) ignored by the “90 day high” leaderboard?

If you go to “The Grid” and filter by

#Trades >= 99
C2 Score >= 50

If you sort by “Last 90 Days” then IBD Tiger is listed under the Top 10 !!!
(not to mention, that it has the lowest drawdown of all other Top 10 strategies)

So again, why is this not reflected on the Leaderboard accordingly?