Not Showing On TOS Board

The system “Patience is a Virtue” is TOS certified. However, it does not appear in the list of TOS systems when I go to the main C2 homepage and click “Find A System” followed by “Trades-Own-System”. Is there something I need to do to get it on the list?

That’s odd, you have a “Trades_own_system” button too, how come?
Under the “Find a strategy” button I only see the following sub-menus:
Leader Board
The Grid
New Highs

I’m guessing it’s because your strategy isn’t showing a ranking, which is very weird but I know you’ve had problems with that. I think only ranked strategies are shown on the leaderboard (about the top 120 strategies based on their C2 score). It is showing up as TOS on the grid.

I copied the text form someone else’s thread. I don’t know that the label for the buttons is 100% accurate. Basically saw another thread of someone not showing up.

Yes my strategy went from ranked number 1 one day to not ranked at all the next with no changes to the strategy. I find it quite frustrating. I doubt I deserve number one but the fact that it constantly jumps around like this does bother me because it reduces visibility.

When I reach out to support this is what they said this morning.

"Not all TOS certified strategies appear on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard uses a mathematical scoring based on the C2 Score algorithm.

If you are interested in improving your ranking to show up on the Leaderboard, I encourage you to check the C2 Score Workbench."

So I just want to make this post as a snapshot to show what I am talking about.

When I look at the TOS board and compare my strategy to others it seems clear that it should at least be on the TOS board. Obviously I am biased though. I see one strat on there with about 1/8th of my total return, with a larger drawdown, more leverage, and that is only 1 month old.

Here is a screen shot of the entire TOS leader board at the moment compared to my strategy at the moment. There are only 9 strategies on the board at the moment.

Did you sell off all those single share positions you were holding onto? Someone had said holding onto losing positions and ones with draw downs even if there were profitable is one of the biggest factors in the C2 score. It may take a while for your stats to recover from that.

I did sell those off and if I remember correctly I was ranked highly for at least a period after getting rid of them and before getting rid of them, but I could be remembering wrong. Most of them were not even losing positions, though losses from VTI outweighed the others. For each of the positions shown below I bought 1 share then later sold 1 share months later.

I think it’s the “Avg(MAE) / Avg(PL) - Losing trades” stat that is killing your score. Yours is at -4, mine is at -1.2. I tried entering your -4 in my score workbench and my ranking would drop from 20th to 502nd.

Wow you are right! Thank you for pointing that out. I think you had mentioned it before, but I didn’t quite get it.

Unfortunately, I believe that if i go for making that particular stat look better it would make it a worse strategy for my investors, or I am just too stupid to figure out what I am missing.

One way I can think to change it is to break up my long trades into shorter time frame trades. However I think that would just cause worse returns and more fees and slippage. To me it would be like having the stock portion of a balanced mutual fund sell after every small loss to keep the loss per trade small then immediately buy back in. I will have to dig further and see if there is a way I can meet C2’s criteria while still providing the best system I know how. I don’t want to change my system just to meet their criteria though if I don’t think it will actually reduce drawdowns of the portfolio or increase returns.

I really wasn’t holding on to just one share of many items to game the stats, but it seems like I should have. I stopped holding them because of how many questions it caused from subs.

If I was trading a single instrument then I think the weighting of this stat makes sense. However, being that I have a blended portfolio of stocks, cash, bonds, gold, bitcoin I think it is overweighted. I certainly don’t think my strategy belongs in the bottom 10%. I hope C2 can help me out. Of course, perhaps I am missing some hidden risk, but I don’t think I am.

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