TOS payoff question

What is the payoff for TOS systems?


The developer receives 60% of the cost of the subscription. But the costs for this will be 390 dollars a year extra.

If TOS is not present, then you get 50% and you don’t need to pay extra $ 390. If you have little sub-benefits, then there is no benefit from TOS. Need to count.

Thank You for your answer Map. It does not look like that the extra 10% is worth any effort. THX!

An additional 10% is worth the money. You have to pay for it. 390 dollars a year or 49 dollars a month for one strategy, if more efforts are required to pay more. I now have 3 strategies here (1 TOS + 2 not TOS) my annual costs = 990 + 390 = 1380 USD, if you pay every month it will be (99 + 49) * 12 = 1776 USD. It is more profitable to pay in bulk for a year.

And don’t forget subs usually have more trust in TOS strategies instead of non-TOS.

There is no difference. I do not see her.